Alternative Investment Opportunities in Oil and Gas

JP Dahdah

Impact Global Resources, since 2008, has been specializing in custom alternative investment programs with oil and gas.  In order for them to reduce the risk that goes into oil and gas exploration, IGR realized they needed to combine efforts with other opportunities that exist with an oil and gas space and expound on their current offerings and portfolios.  To that end, IGR now owns a production deal and they're looking to combine those opportunities and sell them as one.  Moving forward, those are the types of joint venture partnership deals they're looking to build.

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Where to Find Alternative Investments

JP Dahdah

Given the tremendous size of the alternative market, access still presents a problem for most people to alternative investments.  With 75% of advisors now recommending a 10-20% allocation into alternatives, Todd Ryden, CEO of FNEX, says that the market is slowly improving, yet people still need to educated.

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Pain Points of Registered Investment Advisors in Alternative Investments


Editorial Staff


There are many opportunities for registered investment advisors and independent broker dealer firms in the world of alternative investments.  They do face some challenges, however, and JP Dahdah, CEO of Vantage Self-Directed Retirement Plans, talks with Alternative Investing News about the pain points these advisors and brokers face.

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